13 April 2007

Staying warm

Another post on clothing.

I still recall my friend's Scottish mother saying once, "Ooh, Alf's a bit of a dandy is he?"

You might say that. Probably. In fact. True.

Except this is real basic stuff I am raving about now.

It is called Icebreaker.

It has been a little on the chilly side here, no more than 10C and often 0 at night. Sure, a beautiful Siberian summer to some, but I originate from greener pastures.

This clothing I am talking about is pure merino wool. It was a little pricey but it is super warm and comfortable. It is just thermal underwear, what you might call a spencer and long johns. And I bought a lovely scarf too.

The box had testimonials on it like, "I rode up Mt Everest on a canoe and after wearing the same Icebreaker gear for 40 days and nights straight it never once smelt, itched or spontaneously combusted."

It's true.

I'm never washing mine.


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