18 April 2007

Portrait of the artist as a bull

Bull: Confidence

Bull, my bull,
God has Confidence
And you have confidence,
And nobody else.

God has the creative Power
And you have the creative power,
And nobody else.

God confides in you His Vision-flood,
You confide in God your mission-blood.

Excerpt from Animal Kingdom by Sri Chinmoy.

A little poem to start off this photo essay which consists of many photos but is well worth a look. Asidhari was asked to create a bull's head as a prop for a play and he did it in just a few hours. We all felt awe as it took shape. He was given a couple of shots of the Charging Bull from Wall Street and that was it. It was mostly hand sculpted. Genius.

I am hoping that this piece of art gets mounted over the fire place when it has performed its role.


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johnji said...

I am in awe of the bull—no bull!