19 March 2007


I learnt that the high country is a nebulous term, but not one which encompasses Jindabyne. I loved Jindabyne, in fact it would be a great place to retire to a log cabin with a Malamute, but that is besides the point. I was there for the Sri Chinmoy Multi-Sport Classic. Some of the photos in the race gallery were taken by me.

I took a few other shots on the weekend, including this self portrait.

One of the first things I noticed about the place was how the gum trees were different. Very clumpy and stunted almost. They are snow gums.

This is a random valley.

Here is another self portrait I took.

Rathin made the following montage incorporating Pete who came down from Melbourne for a few days.

Rathin said it would be okay if I post this portrait of him here. This is on the lake.


John said...

Gosh, that Pete does get around! Nice photos Alf, in the gallery as well. But is that a fedora you are wearing? Man of style as well as work!

Alf said...