24 March 2007

He's not a Sufi

It's Saturday. It's raining. It's time to blog.

I wish Sufjan Stevens would hurry up and release a new album instead of faffing about.

Meanwhile, I uploaded a song for you: the epic Majesty Snowbird, which is yet to appear on any album.

Here are some clips for viewing. The cartoon is a little unseasonal, but I like it. You can tell Sufjan is a Christian from watching Put The Lights on The Tree. This clip is an official release from his record company: Asthmatic Kitty. He is not charting new territory musically here, but it is cute.

The next clip is for a song from Seven Swans called We Won't Need Legs to Stand. This is not an official clip, but was made by a fan. It is definitely a song about faith which is a spiritual theme but the choice of footage imbues the song with a new power. WARNING: It is pretty intense and could freak you out.

Excerpt from an interview:

Interviewer: You've expressed surprise in the past that so many people have responded to your 50 states project. Do you think that's possibly because we live in an era of singles and downloads, and in response there's a real hunger for meaningful full-length albums?

Sufjan: I think there's a reduction in quality and a lowering of standards overall in art and music. I'm not sure what the cause of this is -- maybe it's television, advertising, pop culture -- but there's definitely a decrease in literacy rates and languages and endangered species lists are going up. There's just, throughout the ages, a process of reduction and simplification. Maybe it's a decline of civilization, and as there's a proliferation of computers and technology, that the human mind is in decline.

: Are you being serious?

Sufjan: Dude, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

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