24 February 2007

Rain and other falling objects

Rathin is playing guitar,
It has 12 strings and now
The rain has come today.

The drops are a perfect vertical,
Form heaven to earth
All the way.

Everything is music: cockatoos, ravens,
The towels wetting on the line,
With a rainbow over all,

And the words I am to catch
Before they pass away.

When I arrived home from work on Friday, there was as predicated - at the least predicted - isolated showers and late thunder. After it stopped we went into the city and did postering with wall paper glue. I decided it would look cool if we got a whole pole done, and it did. Camera phone lousy at night.

I heard an interesting story here. It is about a film maker in Iraq. He was kidnapped by his fellow Iraqis and accused of making a propaganda film for the West. When he was released the US arrested him for making a documentary for Al Qaeda. How do you spell ironik? I found this site when we were discussing whether Skype was run by the CIA or not. A redundant conversation really because the CIA runs everything, just watch American Dad if you don't believe me.

I watched Face/Off. Try discussing this movie without getting confused. The great thing about is that John Travolta makes a better baddy than a goody, and Nicholas Cage is a better goody than a baddy. Ah, forget it.

There was a conference at the United Nations, and one of the talking points was, "Honestly, what do you think of the abundance in the West versus the scarcity in the rest of the world?"

The Africans said, "What is abundance?"

The Europeans said, "What is scarcity?"

The Americans said, "What is the rest of the world?"

The Italians said, "What is honestly?"

The French said, "Croissant."

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John Gillespie said...

Funny! I'm enjoying stopping by your blog every now and then Mr Zollo. Must remember to add a link to you from my own new collection of musings: A Sensitivity to Things.

Nice haiku btw.