05 February 2007

My little weekend

The past is like a fever: you sweat it out, or you die. Either way it takes time.

Sometimes death doesn’t sneak in through the window – it walks right in the front door.

The sun is bigger than anything you can imagine and brighter than nothing you will ever see.

About these quotes: I imagine Johnny Cash might have said the first one, the second is from a Raymond Carver novel and the last one is from a cheesy science fiction movie.

Actually, they all from the movie in my head. It's the director's commentary that came as a free bonus with my mind. I switch it off and enjoy the film whenever I can.

Last weekend I made the pilgrimage to Mecca for the first time since I moved here. For a Canberra dweller that means Bateman's Bay. The ocean. It's where the water is. You drive straight through town and keep going until you reach Broulee.

It was lovely to take a dip. This is me embracing my inner tree and working on my sun burn. When I look at this photo I remember Year 8: a new school and everyone calling me "blind." When I am totally smiling my eyes look shut. That's a good enough reason to torment someone in high school I say. I like to smile a lot. Ah, it's so good to feel young again!

I mentioned that I am totally into taking photos of people, preferably photos of strangers in foreign lands, but Broulee doesn't quite fit that description. At one point, I got quite excited running over rocks, camera in hand, looking for the right angle. It's then I remember thinking briefly about spending over $5000 dollars on a digital camera. (It was on special.) A camera that would love a war zone. It wouldn't exactly be bullet proof, but it could cope with a ricochet or two. Unfortunately, Iraq is a little bit dangerous right now, so you get rocks. Sky by Photoshop.

It's funny linking to myself and my first ever post. I no way finished the book I was reading. I also used way too many clever words superfluously. In the interest of words, I'm about to read Richard III by Shakespeare. I'll tell you about it later.

Oh, and here is a nifty breakfast: Toast some crusty Italian loaf. The wood oven one full of bubbles. Eat with Lindt Lindor dark chocolate, the dark blue block. It's the simple things...

I went down the coast with my friend Salil. He is just briefly visting from NY. On Saturday, we were both working with Aryavan in the garage. Aryavan was a carpenter, who naturally became a Baptist Preacher before converting to a karate teacher. Now he is a carpenter again. He generously travelled from Sydney to do renovation rescue on the garage. It is looking good.

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