17 February 2007

Buon Compleanno!

Last weekend was Nonna's 80th birthday and here are some photos. I better hurry and sort it all out and post my dad the cd I said I would, but you can't rush art or a lazy man.

First of all, this is a picture of me lurking in the darkened recesses of my grandmother's house. The picture is lurking, not me! I can barely recognise myself. My sister straight away said, "You look like an alien!" I hotly denied this before preceding to claim her essence so that I could nourish my eggs. The darling hatchlings are nearly due.

The first thing I notice when we get to the cafe for dinner is that one of our three tables has paper all over it and my secound-cosuin-aunty-in-law-once-removed has brought crayons and textas for her kids. Awesome, there is nothing I like more than drawing on the table. I love to grip multiple crayons and make exuberant sweeping motions. Soon I have covered half the table, tracing around the crockery. No-one else has sat down, the kids are sensing new energy and the adults are panicking as they begin to run amok too. Ha ha.

There was an awkward moment when my mum's cousin comes over and starts telling a six year old how good his picture is. I have to interrupt and say, "That's actually mine, but his picture is very good too." My grandmother is the one on the right (ours) with a friend of hers. The hands, the hands, always with the hands. It's an Italian thing.

Happy Birthday Nonna. As I said, "Ti amo come il mare ama il vento," which means I can't really speak Italian, but you think I can. Okay, it means, "I love you like the sea loves the wind." I don't even know what that means, but speaking Italian for me is innately poetic. At least I think it's poetic. My sister says I sound like an idiot and what I am saying never makes any sense. Trust her.


Dianna Zollo said...

I am extremely impressed older brother! You write so well! Your work is truly a delight to read. That aside, you've got great eyes, wonderful bones, and you dress really interestingly! Top Effort Alf. A+

Miss Zollo (aka little sister)

Alf said...

thanks dianna, i'm not one of your year 2 students by the way, but that is all very kind

John Gillespie said...

Trust your sister Alf.