10 February 2007

A Bucolic Interlude

I have returned to Adelaide for the weekend for my Nonna’s 80th birthday. She is a bit of a warhorse. Last year they operated on her back so she could even move and there was a strong chance she would die. She made it through that and moved back into her house eventually and still lives independently - despite being knocked over and having her shoulder dislocated by a rude interloper since. She does not whinge and has not given up. She still asks frequently when I am going to get married, and could probably do with a shave, but you can’t have everything.

Last night I borrowed my parent’s Commodore and went driving in the Adelaide hills with an old friend after coffee and gelati. What else is there to do in Adelaide at 11pm? I am unlikely to get a sports car soon, so this was something I needed to get out of my system - or just indulge. He knew the roads well, so he was making with the, “Brake, brake, brake. Accelerate, accelerate, accelerate.”

On a very hard corner, I ignored his admonition to brake, leading to very hard braking and a nervous moment or three. I said, “That was my ego. I was sick of you telling me what to do, so I ignored you, sorry about that.” I’m nothing, if not honest; but we had high-speed fun and as he concluded upon our safe return: “The best car is somebody else’s.” Hi Dad!

Shockingly, my partner in crime is a motorbike rider, and he freely admitted that he was not an ambiturner. He has real difficulties turning right. For serious.

I will be go-karting in Canberra soon when I have the chance.

I admit to finding Richard III fairly onerous - which might be solved by reading a synopsis of the plot - but there are some highlights:

“Welcome destruction, blood, and massacre!
I see, as in a map, the end of all.” II.4.53

This was my standard greeting at work yesterday when people came over to ask me technical questions. Ah, that I had the wherewithal to see them slew and justly save my kingdom from the avarice of fools benighted by false ambition! Raving like this gives the impression that you are very clever or frankly weird. As Bernard says:

"That is one of those irregular verbs:
I have an independent mind,
You are an eccentric,
He is round the twist."

I’m about to start reading a fresh copy of A Confederacy of Dunces but I am considering reading Catch-22 again. I was talking to T in Thailand on Skype who asked what was happening and I said, “Nothing major…Major Major Major, you know.” He said, “I’m reading that again at the moment. I found it in a book shop over here.” I said, “That’s amazing. I’ve been thinking about that book lately…everything is connected.” He said, “Yeah, save that crap for your blog.”

I wish I could post MP3’s on this blog, but I can’t, so listen to your own music.

Someone gave me the American version of The Office and it is not that bad. It rankles watching the same scenes being performed from the UK version, but Steve Carell is pretty funny and I can see it is going to get better as it progresses.

I couldn't think of a title for this post so I decided to use the word of the day to come up with something. It worked out okay.

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