06 January 2007

When Bands Collide

It was after watching My Favourite Album on the ABC that I decided to listen to OK Computer by Radiohead. Strangely, it had been in my ITunes library for years but I had never heard it. These things do happen, and the many will live rich complete lives - replete in sorrow and joy - without ever undertaking this particular aural journey. There is no urgent need for me to indulge in wanton hyperbole to atone to my peers for this listening omission. (It's pronounced hy-per-bollie not hyper-bowl. Friends: are they not more useful than a Swiss Army Knife?)

Having decided that the track Karma Police sounded like The Beatles' Sexy Sadie, I got busy. A week later, I read somewhere that they share the same chord progression. Mystery solved.

Check this out.

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