02 January 2007

The Person of The Year

According to Time magazine, "I control the Information Age." I wasn't exactly aware of this phenomenon, but the sub-conscious mind operates very powerfully while we humans sleep. I more or less gave that honour to the soul-less moghuls of the modern media empires. You know, the ones who have lunch with John Horward and invent new words so that the sum of their wealth may be quantified, like a Rupazillion or, perhaps more apropos, a Murderzillion.

I live with four other people, three of us have blogs, four of us are responsible for updating websites. I try and post regularly here, on the assumption that visitors won't return if they come back a few times and find nothing new; but I want my posts to be meaningful - add something of interest or humour to the internet - and I don't want to get addicted to posting. Addictions only serve themselves in the end. Also, I am - inordinately - fond of semicolons and dashes in the middle of sentences; which can be tricky to work in there.

There are a couple of ways to get lost in the wonderful world of blogs.

One way is to start reading the comments and then following the links from posters to their blogs. Ad boring infinitum. Of course, I can't see you having that problem here though.

The other way is to look at someones profile and click on one of their interests. That way you get blogs of others with the same interest. Why I can't do that for my own profile befuddles me totally. Anyway, that way you might find the occupant of Botswana who describes herself as, "Tall, leggy, very high metabolism, some say face like Audrey Hepburn and body like Cameron Diaz. I know, I know, I think it's amazing too." The diverse interests of this individual include: opera singing, candlestick making, rebuilding car engines in her front yard, diamond mining and performing as a stand-up comic. Is this for real? I doubt it, but at least the copy writers for STA Travel have somewhere to get material. Tragically, "Snoops" didn't get past her first post in the middle of 2005. Not too tragically I hope, diamond mining can be a pretty rough game.

I guess it is not hard to find the corpses of blogs throughout the internet, but no-one seems to be burying them.

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