05 January 2007

O Zoidberg, My Zoidberg

If you happen to be travelling in a light plane in a few weeks, you might on a whim type "John Denver CIA" into Google. If you happen to be me that is, which was how I found this story. It's about the spacecraft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. In case you don't bother to read the link - and I don't blame you - allow me to quote extensively from it now:

"What is not well known is that the passengers in that vehicle from outer space were only playing dead. They hopped a freight train to Mena, Ark., and later dispersed to all corners of the country. They multiplied like flies, and now reside in all 50 states. A large colony lives in California."

I can guarantee that this entire statement is untrue - not because I know the author and buy his leftover medication so he can afford groceries - no, not at all. I can guarantee this because what really occurred was dramatically recreated in the best episode of Futurama ever. The one Futurama episode I would take to a desert island: Roswell That Ends Well.

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