23 January 2007

Little flying things upon fragile wings

Bugs, bugs, bugs.


Ants in the kitchen? Don’t particularly care, those happy little workers will just clean up our crumbs.

Spiders? I left the house for 4 days and when I came back there were cobwebs in most of the rooms. We are only talking Daddy Long Legs, so I wasn’t quite Indiana Jones fighting the perils of old school archaeology; but, I think I have taken the same Huntsman outside at least three times now. One evening, there were at least 50 baby spiders, tiny, identical, delicate mocha brown things, scattered on the kitchen roof, there to remain by the consensus of the human inhabitants.

Moths. Ay, there’s the rub for some. A month ago it started. We were invaded by them each night as soon as dusk had tied her blessed golden hair tight to the skull of night. One of my housemates even purchased an automatic fly spray device that would release deadly vapours like clockwork - right into our living room! Of course, we attacked him mercilessly for trying to poison us all, but he refused to get rid of it unless we found an alternative. Henceforth, we had peppermint oil in a burner to accompany our evenings for some weeks. Not unpleasant at all, the aroma mixed well with the cooking and the moths liked it so much we would often find them floating in the burner's receptacle in the morning. When we were bored we could chase them and test our reflexes with "the clap of death".

I accidentally walked straight through the fly screen on the weekend, providing unfettered access to this dwelling on cool evenings when the breeze is all mine company but for thine internet. Since then I have seen nary a moth. It seems they were just up for a challenge and can’t be bothered now it is open house.


You can’t fight it. Go around it or let it go around you

And ten thousand things will rise and fall...

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