29 January 2007

The Glory of Pumpkin

Hail to the pumpkin, that most honest of vegetables - a true humanitarian no less.

Roast jap pumpkin is the simplest dish to construct. Even the most unaccountably lazy person could conceivably convince someone lazier to cook this for them. You just slice it into wedges, lay them on a baking tray and splatter extra virgin olive oil liberally all over the lot. It's amazing how the oil will then cover the pumpkin on its own behalf. Osmogenesis seems a good word for this, except it does not exist; osmosis is the proper term. Then you crack a little black pepper, sprinkle sea salt and add a flourish of herb. Bake at 180C until it's as you like it. A little bit of brown on the edges is extra good.

Another great thing you can do with jap pumpkin is skin it and cut it into reasonable cubes. Parboil them and drain. Then you add them to a pot with lots of onion fried in olive oil with a generous amount of garlic. (Have your pasta boiling while this is happening.) Let the pumpkin cook with the onion for a while with the lid on. Include sea salt in this agglomeration. The pumpkin should hold its shape while still cooking through. Stir the lot through your pasta when they are both ready. Why not try some farfalle for the pasta?

Hey, no-one is forcing you to cook healthy. There is nothing wrong with processed food, consider these possible ingredients: hydrogenated petroleum oil, mono-sodium poisonate and partially de-weaponised plutonium. Yes, those are real ingredients from The Simpsons, but it's not so hard to believe if you have ever looked at an ingredient list in America.

So I am really looking forward to having some people to cook for again in another week. Before the house emptied I only did the dishes three times in as many months. Perhaps that is why I have done them once a week since everyone left and lived mostly on take-away.

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