03 December 2006

There are no supermen...

just ordinary heroes.

I noticed this recently. It is not just another pithy saying that fell from the lowest branch of a dwarf shrub and clubbed me. Someone who had precipitated awe and fear in me for years suddenly seemed just like me. It was only really self-pity which had always imagined there to be such a vast gulf between me and another. A feeling that I could never be what I wanted, so it was easier to settle on the idea that other people were just innately better than me.

Know what that is? Psycho-snapple. Which is technical for a bunch of freshly hewn haddock that has been sitting in the sun too long.

All a hero is someone who keeps going.

Therefore you get there.

That's an ordinary thing.

It really is.

The Beatles released another album - sort of. Wild ambivalence, senseless extravagance, glorious ants. You decide. Downloading a few tracks here and there I didn't exactly jump out of my skin with religious fervour. It's possible that you plain love them or hate them, but I seem to have a love-hate thing going with them. They are a cloak of the familiar and I start to itch when I put them on sometimes. So get back!

I am still waiting for a new album from Sufjan Stevens - a proper one. Christmas Carols don't really count, despite their unbearable hipness, except I love this track Sister Winter. Just click to listen. Amazing. A melancholy beginning with a rocking end. Merry Christmas.

Let me tell you that my favourite thing about God is that He is unconditional. If He tells you: "Try and be happy." Then that's the answer. Yes, the answer to everything. No strings attached. I am sure you have the question.

See, no Superman.

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