24 December 2006

Up Above The World So High

Fly back to Adelaide for the Christmas weekend and the first thing that happens is another wedding. Almost. This was just a cocktail party to commemorate a cousin's wedding in England a few months ago. I scored the official photographer role for the evening, which kept me busy. I totally forgot to charge the batteries for my flash, so in the tradition of Henri Cartier-Bresson I decided not to use one. Somewhat ironically, considering his reputation for candid photography, this icon once chased a woman with a knife when she took his photo in public; I hope it was a butter knife. This lack of flash meant lots of shots in arid light and a fair while in Photoshop to come. At this point, here are a couple of my favourites.

During the course of the evening I sung Moonlight in Vermont accompanied by the pianist from the jazz ensemble that was entertaining the guests. (Not the one above, she was playing Christmas Carols in the foyer - to a drought of attention - but she liked the photo when I came down and showed her.) The crowd was in awe of my performance, or more probably it was shock. This all came about because I requested it from the singer and she didn't know it, but the pianist said he could play it if I wanted to sing. I had no choice at that point but to make a noble fool of myself. It's a very interesting song, each verse, not counting the bridge, is a haiku.

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