11 December 2006

Over the border

Time for a quick trip to Sydney on the weekend.

This is part of a statue at Sydney University called Gilgamesh.

I bought this cool t-shirt at a market in Glebe. The artist called it Nature-Nurture.

You might recall the historic cemetery in Newtown I mentioned in a previous post. One of the people buried there is quite famous, but she is dead now. Her grave was boring so I just tried to capture the feel of the place. At the entrance is an eloquent Moreton Bay Fig. This tree is just called Nature. The locals are very comfortable inside the cemetery.

On the way to dinner, an accordion player on King St serenaded serendipitously.

I ran with some friends from Coogee to Bondi on Sunday morning and I took my camera, so my next post will be a story as promised. I used my SLR so when I do get a small camera I think I will be able to cope with the weight!

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