12 December 2006

The Coogee to Bondi to Coogee Run

This is Coogee Beach
This is the path that leads to Bondi Beach
This is a cliff betwixt the two
This is an agglomeration of rock where a lone soul stands
The path hugs the cliff
These are the boats that live in a cove
And some very steep stairsHere is another cove
Here is an old cemetery with ocean views resting on a cliff.
I am not sure why graves were so prevalent on this particular weekend.
This is just what it looked like.
This is how I really saw it
The next beach had junior life savers racing
And seniors practicing their life-saving drills
A sweeping vista
The first sight of Bondi
On the return a companion posed
I decided to cut through the cemetery and raced up a hill along a line of graves. My friend above said it made such a surreal site he wished he had a video camera.
At some point on this detour I recalled that famous line from Psalm 23:
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil...,"
but at that moment it simply occurred to me that,
"I am living in the land of death."
Not such a conundrum, after all, it is one thing to be alive and quite another to be living. In respect of both conditions - the reality of this existence - we all enjoyed a large breakfast after a quick dip in the bracing sea.
Then the time had come to drive home...
So that is photo-running.
If any photo you large with to see
A click upon it will make it be.

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