14 November 2006

What is a thousandeye?

I really wanted to take the chance to tell you about my friend Noivedya's blog.

Noivedya is a professional writer. He writes on a lot of different topics and knows how to make a fact or two dance for your entertainment, or the like. You see, a few weeks ago he linked to my page and wondered why I called my blog thousandeye. I decided I should tell...

There was an evening however long ago and in some other place while I still wore this face. People were talking about holidays and someone started joking and laughing about the word sojourn and how cool it was. They were rolling it off the tongue and relishing its taste. Then it suddenly appeared to me. That's right: appeared to me - this poem. Up until that point my awareness was a flower, nascent of the dawn. I was in the grip of tempest-fear, the very breath of death - but bliss was not made to be contained forever by the reach of mind. True, I may have cracked the cup, but one day I know I will drink straight from the bottle again; rather than catching drops, open-mouhed, like a fool in the rain. Yonder pilgrim, what is man?

When I sojourn

It will be through the thousand-petalled-eye

That breathes inside the sky

And lives inside the heart of earth.

So, it is definitely not that I take photographs and a picture says a thousand words. That is unbearably trite. No, a picture saves a thousand words. That is a much better idea. This world suffers of verbiage and as a writer prunes and shapes his words until finally, like a bonsai that perfectly expresses nature or experience, the result is ready for display - so with my photography: less is more. Less effort for more result. I guess, and I should ask Noivedya if now he has been practising his craft for a few years he would spend less time producing the same level of output.

Well, now is not the time for disserting upon the nature of creativity once again. Why do I do that? I think it is because it brings me back to the source and this makes my heart fond. Anyway, it is so easy to make a good Italian pasta sauce. The trick is to fry a lot of garlic and onion in a lot of extra-virgin olive oil until the onion has reached the colour of your oil. Then pour in a bottle of plain tomato sauce with a few tablespoons of tomato paste. When it is half way through the bubbling, add some more of the good oil. Don't let me limit you by listing any of the possibile additions, but remember that a restaurant is only as good as its olives.

By the way, this is my favourite post on Noviedya's blog. I spent some time bashing his car as a result but he failed to notice. Either he has reached an exalted state through meditiation which is uterly beyond my conception or he needs a new car.

(Pictures: Hanging around at the Fringe in Adelaide/2006 and members of The Mandala Project playing in The Adelaide Botanic Garden/2005.)

05 November 2006


I just spent the weekend back in Adelaide as the best man for my brother's wedding. I have always found marriage to be a profoundly life changing experience. As can be seen from the before and after shots below.

Thank God for Google and it's assistance with writing my speech. Here are the best bits:

"I need to thank Steven for asking me to be his best man. It is a signal honour. Steven is my brother and there is nothing I would not do for him. By the same token, there is nothing he would not do for me. In fact, we pretty much spend our whole lives doing nothing for each other.

Steven, there are just three magic little words that you need to know to have an eternally happy marriage. They are, "Yes. You're right." It's just easier that way.

Enjoy your honeymoon. A honeymoon is best described as that briefest of interludes between, "I will," and "You better!""

Everyone was pretty happy with it and having put it together that morning so was I.

The wedding photographer was really cool. I was surprised to see him using a Canon 30D as I only have a 20D myself. He also only shot JPEG which makes sense when you take over 500 photos; there is just not enough time to mess around with RAW pictures in Photoshop. As he said, it is a good backup if you get the exposure wrong but you don't have that luxury with film. Certainly if I have to get something up on the web quickly then I shoot tiny JPEGs and maybe RAW at the same time in case I get anything really good that can be used later.

He got me looking at natural light in a new way and was totally against flash. He did a lot of group shots and posed people too. I took a few shots off his work but mainly did candid stuff, which is what I enjoy most. Below is the flower-girl and page-boy followed of course by the happy couple.

Anyway, it was nice to post again. Thanks for stopping by.