05 October 2006

Settling In

Time to talk a little about life in Canberra. I like it. I have started running again most days. This is a great city to run in because there is hardly any city. Once I head out the door it takes a few minutes of running before there are paths everywhere into bushland. It seems that way, and in time I will be able to explore much. This kind of open space pervades the layout of the city. I moved here at a good time because spring just started and it is very mild now whereas it has a reputation for being very cold in winter.

Meditation has been going well. I feel like I am making progress. Last night I focussed on feeling that my essential nature, my soul, was not locked into all the experiences of my life. In truth, I am not that stuff at all. It was reassuring to identify with the universal consciousness, rather than the distortions that my mind has wraught from the various dramas of my life. I have to totally smash the face of sorrow, which may be a bit of a radical statement, but it's a challenge that has presented itself to me for years. Best to say that, sure all the junk may still be there in some form, but I am getting better at learning not to cling to it. I am actually enjoying the process of the good stuff in me being revealed and not concerning myself with the bad stuff appearing to be static.

It's like I have a treasure but gradually over the years it got wrapped in more and more layers of cotton or tafetta or polyester or newspaper or chinese take away menus until I couldn't even remember the treasure was there, or what it looked like. Now that I am peeling all of this stuff away, the process is showing me that I am in fact this treasure and this treasure is growing. I hope that is a good analogy, even if it doesn't quite relate to the last paragraph. It gave me joy.

Soon, I will take some photos of the new scene and post some pictures.

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