15 October 2006


We drove to Sydney on Saturday and stayed for the day. I drove over a kangaroo on the way. It was already dead, but I was driving way too fast, like 150, and there were cars in the other lane so I had no choice but to let it go right under the middle of the car. Thankfully, no damage done, and I definitely slowed down a bit after that.

We went to Manly, and started with breakfast at Candy's. It was very reasonably priced, but the most spectacular thing about the place was the bathroom. Forgive me, I'll try not to post pictures of toilets regularly. In lieu of a light switch the paint scheme did the trick. The rest of the scenery was just as spectacular.

After that we stopped in Lane Cove before taking a quick dip at Coogee, below. That's just some random dudes in the middle shot. The break there is kind of rough. Catch a wave in and get ready to eat sand.

It was a 37 degree day and it is not even half way through October. This drought is serious. It has kind of snuck up on me, but it is a lot more noticable here than it was in Adelaide. Maybe it is sneaking up on everyone and suddenly we will all be used to six months of 30 plus weather a year. We'll all be dressed like in Dune and eating Soylent Green for breakfast or something. Slap me, I'm talking about the weather in my blog.

We had dinner in Newtown which is where the corporeal remains of Eliza Emily Donnithorne lie. Well, what's left of them anyway, her grave is in St Stephens cemetery established in 1849. She was alledgedly the inspiration for Miss Havisham in Dicken's Great Expectations. Miss Donnithorne was jilted on her wedding day and never left the house again. It's a pretty sad story. If there was a Gelatissimo store in 1830 then maybe she would have felt a bit better. I had the finest tasting gelato I can remember for a while.

Back home and went for a great run Sunday morning after a good sleep in. I reached the top of Mount Painter and was keen to go totally off the trail to get home but after I nearly sprained my ankle I stuck to tracks. The kangaroos made the side of the hill look easy. To run a bit further I went home the long way and hardly got lost at all.

It just turned midnight, so the weekend is over, and I'm going to bed.

05 October 2006

Settling In

Time to talk a little about life in Canberra. I like it. I have started running again most days. This is a great city to run in because there is hardly any city. Once I head out the door it takes a few minutes of running before there are paths everywhere into bushland. It seems that way, and in time I will be able to explore much. This kind of open space pervades the layout of the city. I moved here at a good time because spring just started and it is very mild now whereas it has a reputation for being very cold in winter.

Meditation has been going well. I feel like I am making progress. Last night I focussed on feeling that my essential nature, my soul, was not locked into all the experiences of my life. In truth, I am not that stuff at all. It was reassuring to identify with the universal consciousness, rather than the distortions that my mind has wraught from the various dramas of my life. I have to totally smash the face of sorrow, which may be a bit of a radical statement, but it's a challenge that has presented itself to me for years. Best to say that, sure all the junk may still be there in some form, but I am getting better at learning not to cling to it. I am actually enjoying the process of the good stuff in me being revealed and not concerning myself with the bad stuff appearing to be static.

It's like I have a treasure but gradually over the years it got wrapped in more and more layers of cotton or tafetta or polyester or newspaper or chinese take away menus until I couldn't even remember the treasure was there, or what it looked like. Now that I am peeling all of this stuff away, the process is showing me that I am in fact this treasure and this treasure is growing. I hope that is a good analogy, even if it doesn't quite relate to the last paragraph. It gave me joy.

Soon, I will take some photos of the new scene and post some pictures.