06 September 2006


One man.

Five syllables.

Derek Zoolander.

Zoolander. I can't think of another movie which so remarkably juices the zeitgeist before throwing it back in our faces. What do they call that? I think they call it satire. This finely nuanced tale fully jusitifies repeated viewings. It is so eminently qoutable that if you are looking for a memorable qoute, just read the script.

Laughter really is good for the soul. It juggles the burden of our existence with glee. There is a special type of laughter which liberates us and that is when we laugh at ourselves. There sure is plenty here for me to laugh at, even though I never wanted to be professionally good looking for a living, and I can turn left.

In case you didn't know, the Malaysian government saw fit to ban the movie in their country due to the plot including the assasination of the Malaysian Prime Minister. Not everyone got the joke.

I am saddened by the prospect that Ben Stiller may have reached the apogee of his craft with this film as none of his work since has really satisfied me - but please don't make a sequel!

Ultimately the movie teaches us that if we want to win on the great catwalk of life we have no choice but to follow the example of Hansel and go monk.

That's right, "Pray to the Great Spirit."

Anyone can do it.

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