02 September 2006


That is the first montage I have created in Photoshop. I am pretty happy with it. Photoshop is a great tool. I have been teaching myself to use it for a few years. It has such vast possibilities. I keep buying photography magazines which are ludicrously priced and I have a few massive books about it, but mostly I just try things. I really like the filters. As I discover more of the potential of Photoshop I find inspiration for possible photos to take. This means I am developing my vision, a personal style; but I still think rule number one of being a "good" photographer is only showing others your best shots!

I am all the time becoming more comfortable with this process, since creativity rules life, and I am alive. My output depends on accessing this creative energy. I love working, either taking pictures or manipulating them after a good meditation. It puts me in the flow. First things first.

Never, never fear
To God's Eye
You are always near
And very, very dear.

I met this deer in Rockland State Park in New York recently. I think this is the fawn. There was a family of three. They were quite friendly as they let me come within ten metres or so and we would watch each other before they would decide to bound off. It is quite a sight to see a deer run. What a remarkably fluid motion, a demonstration of perfect speed. I remember, "Myself moving forward then and now and forever, gathering and showing more always and with velocity... ." Thanks, Walt Whitman. My humble ditty above came to me this morning to soothe my heart, and it was no pun intended at the time. Honest.

It was a tricky shot because it was still dawn and i wanted to shoot at 800 ISO so I underexposed by 2 stops and shot in RAW mode. (Plus I would not have done very well without an Image Stabilised lenses). RAW can be time consuming, especially the way I use it at the moment, but it has so much more potential than JPEG's.



NashEquilibrium said...

"Every artist was first an amatuer". This was not me, but was Emerson. However, I think there is something in it for you. Keep reaching, you are close.

Alf said...

Thanks Nashequilibrium.

I have been telling all my friends about my blog and it is cool that someone I don't know has found it!

I have read a few of Emerson's essays. I found him about 9 years ago when I discovered Whitman and Thoreau too on my first visit to America, while hunting in second hand book stores in San Diego. Thoreau is probably my favourite. There is something so divinely sensible about Walden. It is such a comforting book to read. I have to admit I have lost all the Emerson.

Now I am thinking about what it means to be an artist...and ultimately I think it is to be conscious of the Supreme creation.