18 October 2016


If you like incense, on Awaji you can visit Kunjudo.

From Sannomiya Station you can catch a JR train to the bridge and then a bus to the island, but it's easier and probably as quick to take the bus all the way from out the back of Sannomiya station.

The shop only takes cash.

This turtle I met at the bus stop is probably a native species, but I do not know anything else about it.

I was inspired to buy these pottery turtles in Okayama a few days later.


Mr Peanut Butter's review of JJ Abrahms' Star Trek reboot.

Personally, I choose not to watch the new Star Wars.

12 October 2016

Nobody knows 
the sound
a new bird 
will make,
not even God. 

22 May 2016

If Peace
Thy Will
Then Peace
I am. 


Between the moon
And city lights
The path is bright. 


Impossible to measure,
And yet, its absence undeniable. 


My heart is
no stranger 
to delight. 


Ecstasy always. 
This is the motto 
of my love. 


When the mind shrinks,
The heart expands. 

06 May 2016

My song. 

My cry. 

My smile. 


Love has no complaints,
Only man is so unfortunate. 


Silence is
my unique


Happiness never asks
Ecstasy why it is. 

03 May 2016

Sunset Boulevard


What an amazing film noir this is.

Stark, taut and perfectly paced.

William Holden is absolutely mesmerising in it. I am not sure why, I tried a few other films he was in, but none of them really grabbed me.

This is practically the first shot in the film so it is not giving anything away.

Made in 1950.