04 December 2016

Another type of tea, good for summer

Ishikawa Kanazawa
2-12, Hashibacho

The whole neighbourhood of Hasibacho in Kanazawa is somewhat renowned for sweets

I can not tell you what this place is called
-though the address is above-
but it was delicious, delightful and delicate

I thought the set included a very weak coffee
-later I learnt it was roasted barley tea-
which has a real note of caramel sweetness too

The tea is called in Japanese:
Rokujyo Ohmugi Mugicha

Here in Canberra it can be bought
in particpating Asian Grocery Stores

It's super easy to make
and very soothing to drink in the heat

Fromager d'Affinois Bleu

This cheese is ridiculously creamy tasty with a super smooth blue note, like the better Norman Granz Jam Sessions.

And you can tell it is not even trying.

It was just born that way.

Producer: Fromagerie GUILLOTEAU

Wikipedia: Fromager d'Affinois

Blessed indeed are the cheese makers.


01 December 2016

In Canberra Today

Here is a picture of the conscience of Australia:

It's the best we've got right now and I'm proud of it.

Picture credit and story tells us the AFP threatened to cut down the brave abseilers which is why the banner didn't last very long!

It's tempting to be amused by the AFP's whole Keystone Cops performance, given yesterday there were protests inside by the same fine citizens, but who knows, now the noddies in both houses will probably give them permission to install rocket launchers on the roof of APH.

Moreover, it's really no laughing matter, when you won't be surprised if that turns out to be right and our country's treatment of refugees continues to be so thoroughly unconscionable.

At a time when I am prone to spend idle minutes
in satisfying reveries involving fantasies
where I finally get the chance to
address our elected officials with the
scarifying invective they deserve

At a time when the Department of Border Protection
is dedicated to ensuring refugees die of avoidable unnatural violent causes

At a time like that, can you believe
the most important cause of our parliament
is the amount of tax paid by backpackers?

And so, my dear Prime Minister, to seal some deal
$100 million is a cheap price for you,
as if public money was meant as
insurance against your stupidity!

As sayeth one of the protesters,
the majority of our parliamentarians
remain complicit in the rape,
abuse and torture of refugees.

18 October 2016


If you like incense, on Awaji you can visit Kunjudo.

From Sannomiya Station you can catch a JR train to the bridge and then a bus to the island, but it's easier and probably as quick to take the bus all the way from out the back of Sannomiya station.

The shop only takes cash.

This turtle I met at the bus stop is probably a native species, but I do not know anything else about it.

I was inspired to buy these pottery turtles in Okayama a few days later.


Mr Peanut Butter's review of JJ Abrahms' Star Trek reboot.

Personally, I choose not to watch the new Star Wars.

12 October 2016

Nobody knows 
the sound
a new bird 
will make,
not even God.