22 March 2018

Advice on entering into the love-garden

If you can write one poem, maybe you can write two poems.

If you can write two poems then there is every possibility you can write 2,000.

Why do you have to go from one to two?

You can stay with one if you like.

Remember this jewel came from inside you,

You don't need to look for another jewel,

You can hold the same one up to the light

and appreciate it from another angle.

This jewel, this jewel is your heart.

When you write a good poem you have to feel love,

Love for all humanity.

How else will you recognise a good poem?

Your own heart will be the judge;

how you can feel the heart of your brothers and sisters

will help you decide.

Real Ecstasy comes when we remove the barriers of the mind.

We are not going to break anything - no.

Mind the tree we will not water,

Heart the plant we will cherish with all our love and affection.

Which will grow bigger?

Our thought-division-world,

Or the garden of our love?


Here is a flute performance from February this year at Smith's Alternative. On reflection, this night was very close to seven years since I bought my flute on a whim one day and I still have not had a lesson.

It was a really fun little gig. Shaun -on vocals and guitar- is a friend from work. We only rehearsed this song together the night before for an hour and forgot to agree on how to start so it's a rambling beginning.

The laughter is a bit disconcerting I know - it was a variety night, there was a lot of comedy before us and people had no idea what we were going to do...

I'd like to perform more flute in public, a few weeks ago I had a short jam with a jazz pianist, but that is it so far.

03 March 2018

With tongue and lips
I declare the soft thoughts
Of the night upon you,
I trace my declarations
In the dark
And they dissolve
in the light.


The candle hungers
For its final kiss.

15 February 2018

Is only the tree of love
Waiting for some water


To have
is a good thing,
To share
is a better thing.


Silence clamours for attention
At my dawn invention.


Expectation dawn
Sadness day
Self-giving life
Happiness way


To greet the dawn
With folded hands
Is a privilege.


O moon,
Where do you hide?
My heart is calling you
And still, I see you not.
Will we remain invisible,
Together in the night, alone?


Too much kindness
is only a little thing.